The Arab Potash Company (APC) is guided in all its activities by its core values:

Values are grouped into two main categories; Image: where these values are adopted to improve external perception and brand, and Performance: where these values are adopted to improve APC from within:

Continuous Improvement: Is a practice we adopt in everything we do

Cost Consciousness: Steer all of our decisions

Productivity: We make use of all the available time to be productive

Think like Owners: APC is our second home, its prosperity is our prosperity as well

Integrity: Is our compass in every single behavior

Innovation: We believe in the collective thinking and the value of diverse perspectives

Customer Centricity: Our customers success is our success, we do not compromise their trust

Working Together: The sum is better than its individual  parts, so we work together with result-oriented mindset

Sustainability & CSR: We care about the environment and local community surrounding us





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