CEO Message

Esteemed Stakeholders,

It is my great pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Arab Potash Company (APC) website. As you go through our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make our company standout in the mining and fertilizers industry.

For more than six decades APC has played a major part in Jordan’s economic development. Recognized as one of the leading companies in the world, APC has been a driving force in the mineral exploration and fertilizers industry. Our business is to create long-term value for our shareholders from manufacturing and producing minerals used in agricultural and chemical industries. ;

Against all odds, past and present, and the challenges of a highly disrupted global marketplace, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our stride remains unshaken and firm towards expanding into new economic, commercial and industrial horizons. While it is essential to understand how the Coronavirus crisis affects global markets, it is equally crucial to understand our own mission-critical responsibilities, capabilities and potential, in order to overcome the obstacles that may face our sector.

For the past few years, APC has been working tirelessly to shield our product and market shares against shocks and threats that may affect negatively the mining and manufacturing industry. Utilizing our data-driven insights to drive value has helped us a great deal and provided a competitive edge in optimizing our core mining functions and operations as well as in introducing newly refined operating models and products. The knowledge acquired enabled us to construct a holistic assessment of what needs to be done, now and for the future.

With this framework in mind, the fruit of these efforts are evident in incorporating a focused approach towards achieving resilience and agility, which will help us overcome the challenges ahead and build upon the achievements made so far.

In the face of today’s uncertainty, various aspects that impact the mining and manufacturing industry will see unprecedented changes. These changes will affect multiple subsectors and important industries that support and enable the mining sector to provide safe, fair and sustainable outcome, whether in commodity prices, demand dynamic as well as in transport.

Therein lies the importance of APC’s strategic priorities and objectives, which have identified clear actions against various possibilities and future challenges, outlining alternatives and opportunities to capitalize on greater sustainability, profitability, and efficiency. Moving forward and looking ahead, APC has adopted an ambitious five-year strategic plan. The plan sets strategic directions and actions for the years 2021 – 2025 and builds on our commitment to strive for excellence and to improve in all aspects of operational performance, focusing on growth and broadening market presence.

While APC decided to take the first steps into digital transformation, we believe digital transformation is making the world sustainable and hence change is inevitable. We aspire to deploy sustainable digital transformation measures to integrate more agile models of delivery, enhancing operations and improving performance.

Pathways to realizing these objectives have been clearly outlined in the company’s strategic direction, thanks to the combined efforts of APC’s management team across all functions and the insightful contributions of the Chairman and members of the Arab Potash Company’s Board of Directors.

The support and commitment of the Chairman and the Board of Directors have been immense and instrumental to our success, blazing the trail for change that would result in higher returns on APC’s investments and shareholders-yields.

On the social sustainability front, APC has been an active member of Jordan’s sustainable development efforts, contributing directly to the local community and the Kingdom’s economy. Today, APC is an integral catalyst of the Jordanian economy and is committed to seeing further economic and social advancement in Jordan.

As we look ahead to 2021 and beyond, APC is expected to overcome the foreseeable challenges facing Jordan’s industrial and mining export sector, while building the resilience and flexibility to effectively anticipate and handle any unpredictable changes considering the looming near-term market uncertainty.

Inspired by the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, I ask each one of you to embrace change and seize this opportunity by working together, as we always have, to realize what we once thought to be impossible, but seems today to be within our grasp.

Dr. Maen F. Nsour

President and CEO