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Mr. Ahmed Abd Al Jabbar Ali Al-Kareem

Member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Potash Company representing the Iraqi Government as of December 27, 2022.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Kareem currently holds the position of General Secretary of Ministry of Industry and Minerals for Planning as of November 2022. Prior to that, he held the position of Chairman of Salah Al-Din Governorate Council during the period (2009 – 2013) and Senior Vice Governor during the same period, where he worked as Acting Governor for almost two years.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Kareem is chairing the Coordination Committee for Managing the Displaced Crisis and Coordinating with International Organizations, as well as his membership in the Reconstruction Fund for the liberated territories and governorates. He worked with international community organizations and local organizations to aid displaced families, in addition to coordinating with diplomatic bodies to provide assistance in the reconstruction of destroyed cities and villages in Iraq.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Kareem participated in many training courses, lectures and workshops, most notably; senior leadership course, the art of negotiation course, local government management course, federalism and local government course, strategic decision-making course, and planning and policy-making course. Mr. Ahmed Al-Kareem holds a master’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance in 2021 from Al-Jinan University - Tripoli, Lebanon, and bachelor’s degree in Commercial and Banking Sciences in 2003 from Al-Mansour University College – Baghdad, Iraq. Date of birth: 23/07/1976.

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